Cat owners are used to waking up to some surprising scenery in the morning, but Japanese Twitter user @pari2mofu2 was greeted by quite the adorably intimidating pose from their cat that may set a new standard.

Waking up one morning, @pari2mofu2 made their way about the house until they were stopped in their tracks after laying eyes on their cat tower. Their they were met by the odd pose of their fluffy Norwegian Forest cat that's so jarring people on Twitter have dubbed the feline a "last boss" of cats!

Source: @pari2mofu2

"Good morning, human."

You can almost hear the cat's (presumably) regal voice as it stares down at @pari2mofu2 with its head held high. As imposing as the fluffy feline looks, however, it's perhaps the silliness of the pose that has captivated more than 169,000 on Twitter, who left many amused comments:

"What a sexy spread of her legs!"

"I like the fact that she is covering up her important parts."

"I'd spit out my coffee seeing this."

By - grape Japan editorial staff.