If you've ever used a public restroom in Japan, you may have noticed sign placed somewhere inside that reads some variation of the phrase "いつもトイレをきれいにご利用いただき、ありがとうございます", which translates to "Thank you for always keeping our restroom clean", a polite way to thank and remind guests to leave the restroom the way they found it as much as they can.

The sign is so commonplace you'd never expect it to grab viral attention on online, but Japanese Twitter user Amal (@amal3rd) came across a variation of the sign that make them did such a double take they just had to snap a picture and share.

Amal posted the photo with the caption "This restroom is kinda cute", and when you see the slight twist on the standard message you might agree as well:

Source: @amal3rd

"Dear customers,

Thank you from the bottom of our heart for always keeping our restroom clean


The restroom"

Normally, the message would be signed off from the staff of the train station, restaurant, or any other business the restroom would be located at, but in this case the sign is worded to make it look as if the restroom itself wrote the sign. The sign was quickly praised online as implying a cute restroom that has a mind of its own, with many in the replies appreciating why a living restroom would want customers to use it cleanly!

"I've never seen a restroom thank someone before."

"It feels so nice to have a restroom thank you personally."

"I'm losing it at a restroom that has its own ego."

By - grape Japan editorial staff.