Rabbits are sometimes referred to as "expressionless."

Indeed, compared to cats and dogs, it may seem that there is little change in their facial expressions.

However, many rabbit owners and rabbit-lovers will beg to differ.

For example, Japanese photographer プレーリードッグカメラマン purērī doggu kameraman {lit. Prairie Dog Cameraman} (@prairie_for_you), who takes pictures of cute animals, has been attracting a lot of attention with a recent photo he posted.

Reproduced with permission from プレーリードッグカメラマン purērī doggu kameraman (@prairie_for_you)

"A rabbit I took which looks like it's smiling while eating"

Many people must have been surprised at the expression of this rabbit that looks as if it's smiling. You might even wonder if it isn't a computer-generated image!

The rabbit's smiling expression, which is not often seen, drew a lot of comments such as: "How cute!" and "I'd never seen a rabbit smile like that before."

In a follow-up Tweet, the photographer described it as "an aristocratic smile."

However you look at it, this rabbit's smile seems to have charmed many people online.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.