"This is what a day off is like for every bunny owner, right?"

Japanese Twitter user @kaneki3mil posed that playful question online recently when she shared a photo of her relaxing with her 5-year-old rabbit Angie.

It appears Angie has a slightly different idea about how to relax with her human on a day off.

Source: @kaneki3milk

There seems to be a bit of a role reversal on their day off, with @kaneki3mil lounging inside Angie's cage and the carefree bunny casually sitting atop her. Perhaps @kaneki3mil was tidying up the enclosure and Angie decided her owner would make for a good chair. However it happened, the photo garnered quite a lot of attention and comments from amused Twitter users:

"They go out of their way to stand in a place that is unstable no matter what you think."

"A reversal of positions! Or maybe, this is the human's actual position..."

"The owner looks happy to be stepped on."

By - grape Japan editorial staff.