Belgian chocolatiers Godiva are known worldwide, and this includes Japan. They’ve had some pretty extravagant beverages in their Japanese stores, including a chocolate drink with real gold leaf for their Chocolixir anniversary celebration.

They’re also not afraid to dive into some Japanese regional specialties. To mark the renewed opening of their Nagasaki store, they’ve come up with a tribute to a beloved local favourite, which will only be available at that store.

The ‘Nagasaki Milkshake’ is deceptively named, as it is usually classed as a dessert rather than a beverage. It’s like shaved ice, but topped with condensed milk and egg, and always eaten with a spoon. The name of the treat is also pronounced in a unique way, ‘miruku se-ki’, and it’s a regional specialty that Nagasaki dessert-lovers are particularly proud of.

So in order to make a fitting beverage version of this dessert, the ‘Chocolixir Milkshake’, Godiva have started with a white chocolate base, and added eggs and milk. The drink is topped off with whipped cream and a single syrup-soaked cherry for a retro vibe.

The Chocolixir Milkshake is currently avavilabe at the Godiva Amu Plaza Nagasaki branch costing 690 yen for a regular size and 790 yen for a large.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.