Even if you're bundled up in Japan's ultimate gaming onesie and have a bottle of gaming sake to polish off, you may find yourself lacking a little gamer aesthetic when you reach for a bite to eat. Not to worry, as Japan has you covered with these stylish shining gaming chopsticks!

Available from digital gadget retailer Shanghai Doya, the "Shining Gaming Chopsticks" feature an LED light-up function (activated with a button) that'll add some glow-in-the-dark lighting to your snacking, so you won't spoil the gaming mood when you need a bite in the middle of a boss fight.

The lightsaber aesthetic chopsticks can even be used to help light up a bag of chips in the dark, so you may want to start eating chips with chopsticks if you don't already.

The chopsticks can cycle through 9 different colors to match your room and gaming gear setup as well.

The LED unit attached to the handle is removable, so the chopsticks (made of transparent resin) can be washed safely.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.