The naked mole-rat has attracted quite a surprising fanbase in Japan, with its supporters championing the bucktoothed hairless animal as "busakawa", or "ugly but cute". Kobe's theatrical aquarium Aquarium x Art átoa even sells a terrifyingly realistic cake of the burrowing creature.

But naked mole-rat fans probably don't have a lot of opportunities to cuddle up to the little sand puppies. Fortunately Japanese retailer Felissimo's quirky and cute brand YOU+MORE! provides a number of unusual plushies, including Japanese spider crabs that shed their shells and even sexy daikon radishes, and they've decided to team up with the museum to release their very own clothed naked mole-rat plushie!

The 10cm in length (not including the tail) naked mole-rat plushie is small enough to fit in your hand but just big enough to cuddle up to. The plushie was made under the supervision of experts at the Aquarium x Art átoa, who used a real naked mole-rat model to help inspire the finer details--right down to its signature teeth!

The naked mole-rat comes with an adorable miniature sweater to keep it warm, which can be removed.

Like so!

The plushie is available at the Aquarium x Art átoa gift store, as well as Felissimo's Japanese and international online stores.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.