A good pet or scratch can really hit the spot for a dog and brighten up its day. It's a bit rare that they enjoy it so much that they get excited before even being touched, however.

Japanese Twitter user @kuroshibaazuki can attest that that actually happens. They recently shared a short 49-second video of them trying to pet their adorable shiba inu Hana-chan, and her very enthusiastic reaction to it that has been bringing a smile to many online.

Take a look at the fun struggle it is to pet Hana-chan!

As you can see, Hana-chan is so excited it takes a good 37 seconds for her owner to even lay a hand on her! The highly rewatchable video received much praise from dog lovers online:

"I laughed when, fianlly after 37 seconds, she let you touch her surprisingly easily!"

"I keep rewatching it over and over again! I can't stop!"

"I can see that she wants to be played with, but also wants to be petted, which is so cute!"

"The last part, where she seems to say "I'm letting you touch me!" is so great"!"

By - grape Japan editorial staff.