Japanese husband and wife icing cookie artist duo WHIP SUGAR (@YuicihiroG) has a talent for making anime-inspired sweets that will make you struggle to decide whether you want to eat them or simply admire them. In the past the two have whipped up amazing Laputa cookie robot, Animal Crossing tanuki cookies, and even a Psyduck cake so cute it'll make your head hurt.

Now WHIP SUGAR is back again with a batch of awesome macarons that capture the full range of expressions of the Abarashi Convict and Escape King Yoshitake Shiraishi from hit anime and manga Golden Kamuy!

Source: @YuicihiroG

Source: @YuicihiroG

Source: @YuicihiroG

"We made some macarons of Shiraishi's face that you'll be tempted to bite."

Shiraishi's various facial expressions in the anime are beautifully depicted in these specially made macaroons. According to WHIP SUGAR, the faces were hand-drawn with bamboo charcoal, and it took more than 30 minutes to draw each one!

The level of detail looks as if Shiraishi's face jumped right out of the anime and onto a batch of macarons--as you can guess, fans of the anime are both in awe of the level of detail, but also wondering if they could bring themselves to take a bite out of his face!

For even more awesome anime-inspired icing designs, be sure to follow WHIP SUGAR on Twitter!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.