Last month, Baskin Robbins Japan announced their first ever collaboration with Dragon Quest, the long running video game series from Square Enix. They released a brand new flavour and some adorable Slime gummy candy to decorate the ice cream.

But now they’ve levelled up this team effort, and created a whole ice cream cake bursting with Dragon Quest charm.

The two-tier cake has been made in the image of a castle, with adorable Slimes decorating the top. There's also picks featuring King Slime, Hammerhood, and other monsters from the series that can be put wherever you like.

The cake can be customised further with a chocolate plate in the style of a command box from the game, that you can write your own message on with a chocolate pen.

Baskin Robbins give the examples of a simple ‘Happy Birthday!’, or a video game-themed ‘Dad has reached level 31!’

Fans can also get an exclusive spoon as an extra present along with the cake. It has a cute Slime design at the top with an ice cream cone to represent Baskin Robbins.

This awesome Dragon Quest ice cream cake will be available at branches of Baskin Robbins in Japan from 1st June onwards while stocks last, and it will cost 3800 yen.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.