If you’re living in Japan and a fan of classic video games, you’ll probably already know that one of the coolest places to dine on dishes themed around these games is the Sega Cafe. There’s one located in Akihabara (Tokyo) and another branch down in Namba (Osaka).

Since the iconic video game series Persona is celebrating its 25th anniversary, the Sega Cafe is running a collaboration menu, with both food and drinks inspired by the characters and motifs found in the games. The first round of this collaboration already happened earlier this year, and now the second one has just begun.

While the first round celebrated ‘Revelations: Persona’, this iteration focuses on the sequels. The opening period is split into three, with different menu items appearing each time focusing on Persona 2, 3 and then 5.

There will be a drinks menu with beverages representing a massive range of characters from the game, including the ‘Protagonist’ and various supporting roles.

The food menu also includes motifs from the series such as the cheese hamburg curry rice which has been made in the image of ‘Dark Hour’ which will appear for the second phase focusing on Persona 3.

Other dishes are decorated with cut-outs of characters from the game.

Desserts include a ‘Sevens Pancake’, which is decorated in black and yellow just like the Seven Sisters High School logo from Persona 2, among other sweet treats.

Of course, there will also be plenty of awesome Persona merchandise to pick up at the cafe, which will also change along with the phases starting with Persona 2 items.

The first phase is currently underway and will remain until 10th June. It will switch to the second one from 11th June to 24th, then the final stage will run from 25th June until 10th July. Check out the website for the full menu and more information!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.