Although we can’t communicate with our pets through language, we can read their emotions and feelings to a certain extent. By watching their expressions, we can guess if they’re having fun playing, or are in a bad mood.

This photo that was posted on Twitter by a Japanese cat owner, is one such example where we can hazard a guess at the cats’ thoughts. In this case, the owner believes they were staring right at the spot on the frame of the sliding doors that he hadn’t got round to cleaning yet! According to the owner, he even checked to see if there was a bug, or something else that had caught the cats’ attention, but there was nothing there.

Source: @tomeji1106

With such an intimidating presence, many commenters wondered how the owner coped with being judged by this lineup of felines with glaring eyes, and they admitted that this kind of pressure would make them apologise for missing a spot right away.

Some of the commenters attributed this overwhelming aura to the fact that the four cats all look so similar. There were comical replies to the Tweets comparing them to ‘copy and paste’, and even Clone Jutsu.

If you want to see more of these cats and their big personalities, check out the owner’s Twitter profile!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.