For as much interactive joy as it provided during its run, the Nintendo 3DS isn't usually a hot topic these days unless you're doing a nostalgic replay of one of your favorites.

So it's a bit surprising that a picture of one would explode on Twitter to the tune of 150,000 likes (at the time of writing) and make jaws drop in the replies.

Keito (@Yassun0222K) is quite used to getting that type of reaction online, however. That's because the 19-year-old illustrator is an absolute master of 3D art, having drawn soda so realistic you might even try to drink it.

Now Keito is turning heads with their take on a Nintendo 3DS that's so incredible it's almost impossible to believe you can't pick it up and play with it!

Source: @Yassun0222K

"I drew a 3DS with colored pencils! I'd like you to take a look at it since I'm even drawing scratches and small details on the screen!"

As Keito says, the fine details down to the wear and tear of the screen and accompanying Mario cartridge really make the 3Ds pop off the paper. While all of Keito's work is stunning, it makes sense that he would put so much effort into this, as he used his trusty beat up 3DS that he refers to as his close friend during his school days as the model for the illustration.

We'd say his hard work paid off, as the drawing quickly exploded on Twitter with many leaving impressed comments:

"It's fantastic! Even after watching the video, it still looks so real!"

"I was like, "what part is drawn and what part is real?" and it ended up the whole thing was drawn!"

"You even reproduced the slide marks from the touch pen on the on the upper screen..."

You can check out more amazing artwork from Keito by following on Twitter.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.