Japan’s number one convenience store in a very small category closes to sadness of customers

Convenience stores in Japan are known for a lot more than just being a place to load up on snacks. You can handle shipping, buy concert tickets, grab yourself some surprisingly gourmet egg sandwiches, and even pick up prescribed medicine.

One particular FamilyMart in Osaka holds a very special distinction, however. Rather, it held that distinction as it has officially closed, much to the disappointment of many in Japan.

The FamilyMart, located on a train platform within Kintetsu Tsuruhashi Station, holds a banner that says "number one in Japan". What follows those words are some you wouldn't normally expect to be boasted about on a banner, as the full message reads "number one smallest FamilyMart in Japan."

Twitter user Hiro (@twin_tail_moeda) pointed out that the tiny convenience store was closing up shop, and many who have wanted to visit it's cramped space have expressed sadness over the news.

Notice of store closure:

"We are very sorry to announce that as of Tuesday, May 31st at 9:00, this branch will be closed down. We thank you from the bottom of our heart for your patronage over many years. Thank you very much."

"The small FamilyMart on the platform of Tsuruhashi Station is going to close down on May 31st...even though it was famous for being the smallest FamilyMart in Japan..."

The smallest FamilyMart in Japan was said to have a space of only four square meters. While train platforms in Japan often have kiosks and stands similar to convenience stores, this FamilyMart actually had an interior that customers could enter into--or at least, that a few customers could!

Hiro's post quickly spread on Twitter, and showed just how the cramped FamilyMart was regarded as a niche spot on people's go-to list, with many calling it a shame and wishing they had gotten a chance to go before it closed down.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.