Japanese Instagram user tommy (__tomi.y) lives with her black cat, ごまちゃん Goma-chan.

One day, due to her work, she was unable to receive a package in person from Yamato Transport, Japan's largest door-to-door delivery service.

She found this attempted delivery notice along with a message in the comments section:

Reproduced with permission from tommy (__tomi.y)

Message: "Your cat meowed for me (from) inside (your apartment)"

According to tommi, the same delivery woman comes to deliver packages every time, and Goma-chan likes her.

Whether it's because deliverers working for Yamato Transport, known colloquially as クロネコヤマト kuroneko Yamato (meaning "black cat Yamato"), are unconsciously inclined to show a preference for black cats or simply because Goma-chan is so cute, but tommi's deliverer is always so happy to see Goma-chan and pats her when she shows up at the entrance.

Just hearing Goma-chan's meows from behind the door surely made her heart skip a beat. Goma-chan probably sensed it was her when she rang the doorbell and was looking forward to seeing her too.

The message was completely unnecessary from a logistical standpoint but the delivery woman might have thought that it would make tommi happy. Whatever her reason was, her wholesome message revealing her affection for Gomi-chan was truly heartwarming and elicited comments such as:

  • "This story made me smile and soothed my soul..."
  • "Gomi-chan, you're doing such a good job of house-sitting in your owner's absence!"
  • "Maybe one day, she'll actually able to receive parcels all by herself! lol"

One thing's certain. Even though the parcel may not have been delivered to tommi, this heartwarming anecdote delivered good vibes that made many readers smile!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.