Although officially called "Yamato Transport" in English, one of Japan's largest delivery services is Kuroneko Yamato, which literally translates to "Black Cat Yamato". That's why their logo shows a mother black cat carrying her kitten by the scruff of their neck--as an illustration of how delicately they strive to handle your packages.

The company often plays up their feline-motif, delivering goods in adorable cat-shaped boxes and rewarding customers with miniature delivery trucks for their pet cats to drive.

Japanese Twitter user Kinako (@neco_marron) brought up another way the cat-loving delivery company likes to have fun with its name on display at their delivery and pickup centers. When visiting one, Kinako noted something that caught their eye when bringing a package to the center...

Source: @neco_marron

Source: @neco_marron

"I went to take my package to the local Kuroneko Yamato, and as I was leaving I noticed cat paw prints. This is so cute."

Leading from the parking lot to the delivery and pickup center itself are a trail of cat paw prints! The playful act warmed the hearts of cat lovers on Twitter, with many who were unaware of Kuroneko Yamato's antics hoping to need to drop something off at a center in the near future.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.