Yaki imo (roasted sweet potatoes) are a fall favorite in Japan. There are even trucks that patrol neighborhoods and serve them piping hot to the delight of many. So it's safe to say many would consider themselves lucky to get one as a gift.

Twitter user @onani_shun may be on the fence about how lucky they're feeling, however. When they moved into their new apartment, they were met by quite the surprising housewarming present. Walking into the kitchen, they discovered that their grill had gotten some recent use!

Opening up the kitchen's built-in fish grill, @onani_shun found that the previous tenant had left a recently grilled sweet potato in it! While we suppose it could have been a very particular parting gift, it's more likely that the prior tenant simply forgot they had been grilling a potato on one of their last days in the home.

The potato even looks ready to eat--although we are guessing the new tenant likely turned down the opportunity for a free snack.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.