A couple of years ago Square Enix started teaming up with traditional Japanese souvenir makers for a collaborative campaign called the ‘Real Omiyage Project’. Omiyage means souvenir, and it often refers to local specialties that can be picked up around different areas of Japan.

Their first project was with Suzuhiro Kamaboko, a kamaboko (a type of fish cake) manufacturers from Odawara. They selected the iconic Slime creature, the most well-known Dragon Quest character, and made him into some adorable fish cakes, perfect for lunch boxes.

This crossover was so popular that a new type of kamaboko Slime is being released. This one is based on the Metal Slime that appears throughout the Dragon Quest series. This silvery grey version can be bought alongside the classic blue slime, and since it’s made to be a souvenir, the packaging is particularly attractive, combining the Slime motifs with some traditional Japanese stylings.

As they are a souvenir of Odawara, they are also be appearing in a cafe collaboration between Dragon Quest and Cafe 107, an eatery located in Suzuhiro Kamoboko Village.

The cafe is serving up a jelly drink, a pudding, and a kamaboko set, all inspired by the Slime character.

The Slime kamaboko souvenirs can be found at Suzuhiro Kamaboko branches including the Suzuhiro Kamaboko Village, Suzuhiro Kamaboko Odawara Station, Odawara Dynacity, and more. They can also be ordered through their online store. The campaign will continue until 31st August 2022.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.