We all have an anecdote or two we can tell relating to embarrassing misunderstandings.

Twitter user ゆう Yuu (@okykch1) has a real doozy of a misunderstanding that made her fall to her knees laughing, courtesy of her husband.

What her husband said when he saw the rice cooker

Rice cookers are used in many Japanese households.

Most rice cookers you can buy today in Japan display the time remaining until the rice is cooked and, once cooked, the time elapsed keeping the rice warm.

However, for those who are unfamiliar with rice cookers and aren't aware that they display time in such a manner, the display may look like something else entirely...

Yuu's husband saw the time displayed on the rice cooker one day and asked her the following question:

"Why does the rice cooker say 'Oh' after it's done cooking?"

Reproduced with permission from ゆう Yuu (@okykch1)

It wasn't the English interjection 'Oh' but 'Øh' meaning zero hours!

It's an understandable mistake, but you can't help but wonder how her husband could have imagined a home appliance company would intentionally put "Oh" as a message on their rice cooker...

The post went viral, garnering over 107,000 likes and 18,900 retweets at the time of writing. Some of the comments from people who were amused by the misunderstanding were:

  • "Now I can't look at my rice cooker without seeing 'Oh' there! Are you going to take responsibility for this? lol"
  • "Your husband's so cute!"
  • "I thought it was "Oh" too. I couldn't think of any other possible meaning for it..."

Surprisingly, just like Yuu's husband, many people mistakenly thought it was "Oh"...

The post even elicited a response from Zojirushi, the company that manufactures Yuu's rice cooker:

"Hi, thank you for your tweet about our product!
We can't help but smile at your husband's unexpected mistake 😂✨ lol
Oh...or rather Øh is a sign that the rice cooker has begun keeping the rice warm, so we hope you and your family can continue to enjoy warm meals! 🐘🎵"

Even though most people knew that their rice cooker was displaying time, thanks to Yuu's tweet and now, perhaps this article, many more people won't be able to unsee the "Oh" the next time they're cooking rice!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.