Gyudon, or beef bowls, are fast food favorite of many in Japan looking for a meaty and filling meal. Sukiya is one of the country's leading beef bowl chains, with an extensive menu that sometimes spices things up with heavy duty meat mountains and even Demon Slayer beef bowls.

So for those running on hungry stomachs, the bright red sign of a Sukiya can seem like a beef bowl oasis in a pinch.

Japanese Twitter user Manarisu (@manarisu9475) is a frequent customer of Sukiya and probably feels the same, but they recently found one that may catch a passerby's eye for a very different reason.

Much to the amusement of many online, Manarisu shared a photo their friend sent them of maybe Japan's most "self-assertive" Sukiya!

Source: @manarisu9475

"My friend told me they found a super self-assertive Sukiya, and when they showed me a picture, just the amount of signs they had was 10x more assertive than I imagined."

The photo is of the Takasaki Midorimachi branch of Sukiya located in Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture. As you can see, it has many more store signs than usual--so many that you might expect there to be multiple Sukiya stores in one complex.

Getting in touch with Zensho Holdings, which operates Sukiya, we asked a representative why this particular store had so many signs. According to the representative, the Takasaki Midorimachi location sits at a complicated delta-like crossing, and so in 2018 they remodeled the Sukiya to have a surplus of signs so that it could be visible from as many different angles as possible.

An appropriate explanation, but even so, many on Twitter were amazed by the photo, leaving comments like "just how many Sukiyas are in this building?" and "I thought it was a collage photo."

By - grape Japan editorial staff.