Here is a manga by るびー Ruby (@rubydaysart), a Japanese manga artist who lives with her American husband Jasper in New York.

One day, Ruby realized something about the way she and her husband sees the world.

We have provided our English translations below each panel.

Reproduced with permission from るびー Ruby (@rubydaysart)

Ruby: Huh?

Reproduced with permission from るびー Ruby (@rubydaysart)

[RIGHT] Ruby: "This nose of yours... Is it in your field of vision?" [LEFT] Jasper: "What?... Yeah. Of course it is."

Reproduced with permission from るびー Ruby (@rubydaysart)

[TOP LEFT] Jasper: "Don't tell me... you can't see your nose?!" [TOP RIGHT] Ruby: "I can hardly see it! The distance between our eyeballs and the tips of our noses...There's a difference of about three fingers between us!" [BOTTOM] Jasper: "Wa...Wait a sec. If your nose doesn't get in your field of vision..."

Reproduced with permission from るびー Ruby (@rubydaysart)

[TOP] Jasper: "...Can you see your left eye with your right eye?" [BOTTOM] Ruby (thinking): You kidding me?

According to Ruby, her husband Jasper has a chiseled face with deep-set eyes and a distinctive nose.

She also provided an illustration based on her conversation with her husband to further explain the difference between their fields of vision:

Reproduced with permission from るびー Ruby (@rubydaysart)

[TOP] My field of vision. {Looking at her nose} I can see my nose very faintly. {Looking ahead} I can hardly see it at all. [BOTTOM] My husband's field of vision. {Looking at his nose} His nose is almost all he sees. {Looking ahead} He can also see his eyebrows faintly.

Depending on the structure of your face, the degree to which your nose obstructs your field of vision may vary from person to person.

Ruby's realization of this fact elicited a wide range of comments, such as:

  • "I had a nose job to make my nose longer. After the surgery, my nose is always in my field of vision and I am very impressed!"
  • "I had never been aware of the degree to which my nose blocked my view!"
  • "I am Japanese, but my nose is always in my field of vision. When I asked my wife about it, she said she can't see her nose unless she makes an effort. I guess it depends on the person."
  • "I think most people have their nose in their field of vision, but they aren't aware of it because the visual information comes from both eyes. When you close one eye, your nose has a stronger presence."

Ruby's episode goes to show how international marriages can sometimes provide opportunities for couples to learn more about each other.

Ruby's manga about her experiences with her husband Jasper and their two children, "You love me too much" are available on

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.