For anime and manga fans in Japan looking to tie the knot, there's a lot of ways to bring their fandom to matrimony. Whether it be Pokéball ring cases, Sailor Moon wedding dresses, or even One Piece wedding ceremonies, anime heads to be wed certainly have a few "official" options at their disposal.

Anime fan Karen (@kare000000000) and her husband took things into their own hands, however, much to the delight of otaku all over Twitter.

She recently shared photos from her all-out anime-themed wedding, including a picture of her cutting her Jojo's Bizarre Adventure cake with the legendary sword of promised victory--Excalibur, form Fate/Zero, while the anime's opening "Oath Sign" played in the background!

Source: @kare000000000

"The blade I used to cut my wedding ceremony cake was Excalibur, which I had dreamed of. I had LiSA's "Oath Sign" play when I did it! I handled it pretty well but there was a lot of screaming when I cute the cake..."

Anime fans left impressed remarks as the Tweet went viral, expressing their hopes to one day use a Nichiren blade from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba at their own wedding, and marveling at how cool and memorable a wedding photo it made for.

The cake itself was made with a design inspired by JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind , as was the welcome board for guests!

Source: @kare000000000

As if that wasn't enough, Karen and her husband rolled up to the wedding in style, sporting the look of Survey Corps members from Attack on Titan!

Source: @kare000000000

By - grape Japan editorial staff.