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Dropped your smartphone into your ramen? Cup Noodle’s product idea goes viral

As some of our readers may recall, for the past few months, Nissin's Cup Noodle has been wowing netizens with innovative and artistic product ideas presented on its Twitter account such as mini Cup Noodle earplugs and lid holders looking like a sauna room diorama or a sea monster with tentacles coming out of the cup.

Their latest idea, posted on June 10th, went viral, garnering over 295,000 likes and 49,800 retweets at the time of writing.

Here it is:

"We made a smartphone charger that will glitch your brain and make you think, 'How did that happen?' when you wake up in the morning."

It really looks like a smartphone stuck inside!

This novel idea suggests a way of charging your smartphone by inserting it into a charging stand in the shape of a Cup Noodle!

If you see it right after you wake up, when your brain hasn't completely booted up properly, you might panic and take out your phone out in a hurry.

The unusual product idea elicited numerous reactions, such as:

  • "If I also saw a pair of disposable chopsticks attached to the stand, I think I'd panic first thing in the morning."
  • "If this becomes a trend, I might put my phone in a real Cup Noodle by mistake...."
  • "If I saw this on the morning after a night of heavy drinking, I think I'd get sober in no time!"

Some people also expressed their hope that this Cup Noodle smartphone charging stand will be made into an actual product they can buy. Unfortunately, no such plans have been announced at this time but if the response from users is strong enough, it may happen!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.