For fans of Mobile Suit Gundam, outside of watching the iconic anime series, there's probably no more defining hobby than building "Gunpla" (a portmanteau of "Gundam" and "plastic model"), the intricate plastic model kits of their favorite Mobile Suits sold by Bandai. Dedicated fans have been known to make mind-blowing dioramas and gorgeous bonsai out of them, and even drop big bucks on "Gundarium alloy" kits.

However you make them, it's never too late to get into the Gunpla game. Japanese Twitter user and grandmother Taechan (@gunplaobaachan1) knows that well. Taechan, who is in her 70's, was inspired by her grandchildren's Gundam modeling skills and decided to try her hand at it as well.

While some Gundam models can be easy to make, the process involves cutting up small parts, assembling them in order while reading the instruction manual, applying stickers, and, for some people, sanding and painting. For Taechan, this is made even more difficult because her hands shake due to a chronic illness.

But age is no barrier for connecting with her grandchildren! Taechan has been sharing her completed Gundam models, and the impressive results have been touching thousands on Twitter!

Many on Twitter were blown away by Taechan's efforts, even up there in years and struggling with a condition, she works hard to do a little everyday to keep up with her grandchildren.

Her dedication to sharing a hobby with her grandchildren has definitely warmed the hearts of many, with inspired comments such as "I hope to be like this when I'm in my 70's!" left in response to her well-crafted Gundam models!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.