Watermelons are a favorite summer treat. In recent years in Japan, watermelons have been available in stores from around spring.

Although some places sell watermelons all year round, summer is the best season.

Some people may buy a whole watermelon and share it with their children during summer vacation.

When you buy a whole watermelon, how do you cut it? Cutting it into quarters and then into wide slices is a typical style and it's fun if you don't mind getting your mouth dirty, but it takes time. Also, some people feel that cutting through the rind multiple times can get tiring.

Retired professional wrestler and TV personality Akira Hokuto introduced a method of cutting watermelon on her YouTube Channel that's not only easy to reproduce, simple, and elegant but also suited to sharing with others and looks nice when you have guests.

Due to the bowl it requires, this method is suited for a round watermelon.

Before buying your watermelon, measure the diameter of your largest serving bowl and buy a watermelon slightly smaller in size so that the bottom hemisphere fits the bowl well.

Cut the watermelon in half and cut off the rind. The result is a bright red hemispherical shape.

On a cutting board or mat larger than the watermelon you're cutting (important since you'll need to turn everything upside-down at the end), cut the watermelon into bite-size pieces by making a series of well-placed cuts (two transversal cuts from the side and a series of horizontal and vertical cuts from the top), making sure to hold the fruit together as you go.

When you're done, fit the bowl over the top, carefully lift up the chopping board while holding the bowl in place with your other hand, then flip it over. That's it! It looks just like the cut watermelon sold in Japanese stores, and it's so easy to eat!

You can just picture all the people gathered around the bowl reaching for pieces of watermelon.

The video elicited numerous comments such as:

  • "This is the first time I see it done this way! I was also soothed by Akira Hokuto's gentle way of speaking."
  • "I didn't know you could cut watermelon like that! I only knew the basic triangular cut, so I want to try this now!"
  • "This is amazing. Artistic.... I will definitely copy this."

This one should be popular at summer parties so why not give it a try!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.