You can get your hands on just about any type of official Pokemon merchandise in Japan, and many were surprised to find out that this even includes Pokemon wedding rings. U-Treasure, a Japanese jewellers that stocks all kinds of awesome Pokemon accessories, have previously released wedding rings featuring fan favourites such as Pikachu, Eevee, and Gengar.

Now they’ve come up with a way to add even more Pokemon-inspired charm to their rings with a Pokeball diamond.

Not only does this stone have a Pokeball design, but it is also cut to be extra sparkly. A standard ‘round brilliant cut’ at a Japanese jewellers will get you a diamond with 58 sides, but this special Pokeball diamond goes all out with 143 sides, about two and a half times more.

This stone can be added to U-Treasure’s already released Pokemon-themed wedding and engagement rings, or you can even choose from some of the jewellers other ring designs to add some subtle Poke-flair.

The pricing depends on the ring you choose, as well as other factors such as carats, colour, clarity and so on. It can be ordered online through U-Treasures online store, or you can check out their concept store if you happen to be in Ikebukuro.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.