Watermelon is a go-to summertime treat in Japan, so you can bet that when the heat and humidity come around the corner, many sweets lovers head to the convenience store ice cream section to grab themselves a Suika Bar. Suika Bar, which translates to "Watermelon Bar", is pretty much what it says it is--a watermelon-shaped and flavored ice bar that's quite tasty and refreshing!

So when we heard their was a new blue Suika Bar that was making waves online with rave reviews, we had to head down to our local 7-Eleven to pick one up!

(c) grape Japan

The new Suika Bar is called the "Blue Suika Bar of Happiness", which is quite the name. So what makes a watermelon ice bar blue? As it turns out, the Blue Suika Bar of Happiness is soda flavored. Not cola, but soda as in the sweet, slightly sour taste of Japan's popular ramune candies and soda.

The "seeds" of the new blue watermelon bar are replicated with chocolate puffs, which are quite a surprising touch to a soda flavored ice bar.

(c) grape Japan

Biting into it, we were treated to a a very refreshing and almost fizzy soda candy flavor with a hint of lemon-lime before the usual watermelon finish kicks in that's perfect for summer. The choco-puffs actually add an interesting texture to the bar, being frozen into it but releasing a nice sweet finish when bitten into.

(c) grape Japan

Suika Bar fans looking to mix things up this summer may want to pay 7-Eleven a visit for this soda take on the classic!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.