Those of us who have a soft spot for a certain character know that one way to brighten up our spaces is with a plushie version of our fave. Not only is it a decorative and colourful addition to the room, but it can also double up as a cuddle buddy when needed.

But for die-hard character fans, Sanrio have taken this concept to the extreme. They plan to release a lineup of massive plushies modelled on some of their most popular characters.

The idea behind this project is to make fans dreams come true, making plushie cushions that range in size from 142 cm to 200 cm, taller than a lot of adults. They are so big and comfy that you can even sleep on them.

The first two characters to be released are Kuromi, standing at 180 cm tall, and Kirimi, a whopping 190 cm.

The press release also points out that you can sit on them…

… give them a massive hug…

… or wrap yourself up in them.

It’s a very diverse plushy to say the least.

Initially, Sanrio are just releasing these two characters through a crowdfunding project, but they plan to unleash more of these adorable monstrosities in the future.

Each one is 50,000 yen and can be obtained through the crowdfunding website Makuake. Here is Kuromi’s page and Kirimi’s page.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.