Around Japan, particularly in more rural areas, you'll often find signs that say "tobidashi chuui" (飛び出し注意). The phrase essentially means "watch out for children" or "children at play", but literally translates to "watch out for (children) jumping out". The sign, which is to remind drivers to proceed with caution as children may appear out of nowhere, features the illustration of a child running which has been dubbed the "tobidashi bouya", or "boy who jumps out".

Twitter user Yoshiyuki Hiranuma (@yokkiren) recently stumbled upon a girl version of one such sign that seemed a...a bit severe and left quite the ominous impact:

Source: @yokkiren

"...I guess she jumped out..."

The sign Hiranuma fan had been destroyed somehow, making it appear as if the "tobidashi bouya" leaping out of nowhere was actually cut in half!

Whether the sign was actually struck by a vehicle or simply eroded over time, many on Twitter found the sight to be darkly humorous, if not a bit ominous--almost as if the sign was constructed originally that way on purpose to serve as a warning.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.