Japan is often lauded for the efforts of those who work in customer service (which even extends to mascots), but it seems to be small and subtle examples of hospitality and convenience that take those unfamiliar by surprise the most.

Twitter user Artur (@ArturGalata), originally from Latvia, is a huge Japan enthusiast and often shares aspects found in the country that surprise him positively.

Recently, Artur stumbled upon something in an elevator that definitely fit the bill for that. Within the elevator Artur found a chair--while that may have been convenient enough, it was how a sign explained that the chair was actually multifunctional and built for emergency use:

Source: @ArturGalata

Source: @ArturGalata

"An idea for an elevator that is so wonderful it's touching. People who have trouble standing can sit, if the elevator suddenly stops, it can be used as a toilet, there's drinks, air fresheners--an elevator where everything is incredible. Living in Japan, I run into wonderful ideas everyday so it's so much fun."

Not only does the elevator have a seat to rest on should you need it, but in the case of an emergency, the seat is stocked necessities and can even be used as a toilet. Some commenters pointed out that as earthquakes and other natural disasters in Japan can lead to power outages, apparently more elevators have been fitted with these type of seats in recent years.

Artur was not the only one to be surprised by the elevator, however. Far from it, it seems that a lot of people in Japan are hearing about the elevator seats for the first time, as many indicated in the replies:

"I didn't know this...this is wonderful."

"That's a god-level chair! I hear that toilets are the most difficult thing to find when you are trapped in an earthquake or power outage, so this is a great relief."

"Even though I am in Japan, I didn't know this! Thanks to you I've been rediscovering Japan."

By - grape Japan editorial staff.