Japan's most iconic mountain and a strong symbol of natural beauty, Mt. Fuji is often at the center of lot of great but painstakingly prepared photography--whether it be showing the great mountain floating in the sky or under an ominous dark Phoenix.

Sometimes the mountain can be at its most beautiful when you're least prepared to take it in. Twitter user Satokey (@satok_23) got a good lesson in that when driving on a mountain road in Koshu City, Yamanashi prefecture, which is known for its great views of Mt. Fuji.

Stopping to take a picture, he was rewarded with one that has bee delighting Twitter and being described as having a divine presence to it.

Source: @satok_23

"Right from the morning I saw some crazy scenery."

If not for the included row, the sight of Mt. Fuji towering majestically above the clouds and beautiful green mountains looks like a classical Japanese painting. Santokey remarked that the road they were driving on is quite old, but thanks to some recent construction, a roadside parking space has been erected where you can take pictures of Mt. Fuji. Perhaps a testament to the fantastic view!

Many on Twitter were blown away by the awesome everyday scenery, with some remarking "I thought it was a picture at first glance" and "it's like where the gods are."

By - grape Japan editorial staff.