Stick-your-face-here boards to create memorable travel photos are now a long-standing norm at most tourist attractions, and Japan has no shortage of them with loads of castles, shrines, and temples to visit.

The Senkaku Bay Ageshima Amusement Park located on Sado Island, Niigata Prefecture is one such spot. Boasting an observatory, aquarium, and other sea-related attractions, it makes sense that cutout boards at the park would feature sea animals.

On a recent visit to the park, Masami T (@MasamiT) noticed and shared a certain stick-your-face-here board that has caught the attention of many on Twitter due to just how bizarre and perplexing it is.

Source: @MasamiT

"Of all the stick-your-face-here boards I've ever seen, this has the most mysterious situation."

The board depicts a giant squid, going along with the park's aquatic theme, paired with what appears to be a staff member holding on to its tentacles--and a space for you, the visitor, to pop in between them. As puzzling at it is, the board has become a big hit on Twitter, namely with those imagining the various scenarios that could explain the board.

Whatever meaning you attach to it, it's definitely a board for giant squid fans!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.