With the release of Shin Ultraman, Neon Genesis Evangelion maestro Hideaki Anno's take on iconic tokusatsu hero Ultraman, fans have been treated to a slew of fascinating goods including Ultraman burgers from McDonald's.

Japanese eyeglasses maker Yabushita is adding to that lineup of goods, letting fans celebrate the film's release in style with a new duo of Shin Ultraman glasses.

The first of the two models is inspired by Ultraman himself, made from lightweight and rust-resistant titanium, with blue light-cut cut lenses which are modeled after the shape of Ultraman's eyes (replaceable at an optometrist).

The second is inspired by Zetton, the beetle-like kaiju and biological weapon Zetton. The temples have a three-dimensional design that expresses the distinct arms of the creature, and the pair are made of the same material as the Ultraman model.

Both pairs come with a special Shin Ultraman eyeglass case and eyeglass wipe, and are available from Yabushita and retail locations in Japan listed at the special collaboration website.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.