Shiba inu can provide for some pretty adorable yet startling scenery with their antics, including poking their head through walls.

Happy-go-lucky shiba Hana (@hanahanaco65) might have just shown us the gold standard for that in a video shared by her owner in Japan.

Hana's owner was greeted by quite the sight in at home that some are comparing to spirits in Studio Ghibli's Spirited Away--what appears to be Hana's head ghostly floating in the window!

It seems that Hana's body was backlit by the sun shining in from behind her and the curtains, hiding her body an making it appear as if she's been reduced to a floating head! The strangely cute but startling sight sent her owner into a fit of laughter, and has been bringing smiles to the faces of many online. Some left comments saying Hana looks like a river spirit in Hayao Miyazaki's anime classic Spirited Away, and we can't say we disagree!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.