All dog lovers have experienced this predicament--needing to find the resolve to turn down their canine companion's incredibly expressive ways of begging for food.

Japanese Twitter user @fufufufufu_t has no doubt had a lot of practice in that regard. Their lovely shiba inu Futa is an expert at guilt-tripping them when they're enjoying a meal.

In the most recent case, @fufufufufu_t found that Futa, who seems have taken a big liking to corn, noticed them munching away at some at the dinner table. While you might expect the shiba to employ some very active and frantic begging, instead the doggo knew that all it would take is one look to make @fufufufufu_t's knees buckl!

Source: @fufufufufu_ta

"A shiba inu that wants to eat corn by any means necessary."

Futa's adorable expression is positively heart-melting, if not a bit knowingly cunning! Even if you had finished eating, you might be moved to whip up another batch of food to satiate the puppy-dog-eyed shiba. Many online felt the same, calling the expression "unfair" and offering their own corn instead!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.