Domino's Pizza Japan has had quite the run of interesting offers for pizza fans in the country lately, including 18-karat gold chopsticks for their chopsticks-necessary pizzas, pizza rice bowls, and fish and chips pizza so confusing to foreigners the company actually apologized for.

Their latest campaign is a very generous one--up until July 3rd, customers can get two free medium-sized pizzas with the order of any large-sized pizza. While obviously a huge hit for pizza lovers, it's understandably left people with quite a few leftover slices they need to polish off the next day.

While normally an air-fryer, oven, or frying pan are the go-to for those who wish to properly revive their cold and soggy pizza to brand new quality, Domino's took to Twitter to provide a simple microwave-only solution for those who may only have that to rely upon.

"For those of you can't eat all three pizzas and have leftovers:

This isn't really a lifehack, but a pizza hack...

Fill a cup with water, and warm it together in a microwave with the pizza (1 minute on 500w or low heat, or 3 minutes if the pizza is frozen. Doing that, without using any fire you can resurrect the cold pizza to a fluffy and doughy state. Does anyone else have any good ways to revive cold pizza?"

The simple trick may not be everyone's preferred option, but for those with just a microwave and perhaps in a hurry to get their pizza back up to snuff, the method has been a life-saver, gaining a lot of praise from the unaware online.

Of course, others chimed in with their own methods, which are certainly getting put to use as more and more people end up with leftovers from this three pizza deal!

"Heat up a frying pan, line it with aluminum foil, and place the pizza on top. Add a little water, cover and cook over medium heat! It will be deliciously revived."

"Heat it up in a frying pan. Add a little water and cover the pizza with a lid to keep it warm and it will come back to life as if it were freshly made!"


In a toaster oven, warm the pizza by placing the baking dish underneath. The key is to put aluminum foil on top when warming it up. You don't want to wrap it, you want to cover it.


By - grape Japan editorial staff.