There are some sweets, that no matter how tasty they are, give you pause as you simply have to sit back and admire how beautifully they're made.

Sweets and cooking master Nekonome, who lives with their two cats and whips up absolutely gorgeous desserts and other treats on their YouTube channel, NekonoME Cafe, has recently cooked up a tart that presents sweets lovers with that same dilemma. Their new Peach and Calpis Jelly Tart is a clear swirl of stunning color that'll make your mouth water as soon as you can stop looking for your reflection in it!

In an easy-to-follow video, Nekonome shows how to peel peaches in hot water and then dip them in water with lemon juice to prevent discoloration, using the peels to extract a beautiful pink color present in the dish. They then combine them with a concentrate of Calpis, a popular milky and sweet Japanese soft drink, to craft the dazzling cake.

Check out Nekonome's video (English language captions available) to learn how to make your very own Peach and Calpis Jelly Tart!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.