Source: @yuiphoto2

Monet’s Pond in Japan looks just like a painting

Although it officially has no name and is often called the "nameless pond", the small but gorgeous body of water at Gifu Prefecture's Nemichi Shrine is referred to by many as "Monet's Pond" in Japan. The reason for that is simple, the picturesque pond has a striking resemblance to the gorgeous water lily oil paintings by Claude Monet--so much so that people travel from all over the country to see it's stunning painting-like scenery, and one fan even made stunning cake inspired by it.

Japanese photographer Yui Hirayama (@yuiphoto2), who travels the country snapping shots of captivating scenery such as fairy tale villages and purification ponds, recently shared a wonderful reminder of why the pond is so beloved.

Take a look at the shot they captured that has many on Twitter comparing it to a painting:

Source: @yuiphoto2

"It was just like a painting and so beautiful."

With colorful koi carp swimming gracefully in the crystal clear pond surrounded by lush nature, and water lilies decorating the surface of the water in the summer, it really does live up to the nickname of "Monet's Pond." The photo, which has a magical "in-between a photo and a painting" quality to it, quickly took off on Twitter with many praising the gorgeous scenery, hoping to visit one day.

For more awesome photography of scenery around Japan, be sure to follow Hirayama on Twitter.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.