As part of their campaign project “Anata no ureshi (For your happiness)”, Japanese convenience store FamilyMart has collaborated with Pokémon and its popular Nintendo/smartphone puzzle game app “Welcome! Pokémon Café – Maze maze puzzle- “(PokeMaze for short). They are having a promotional campaign for this joint collaboration project from June 21st to July 18th, 2022 in 16,600 Family Mart locations throughout Japan.

As a part of the campaign, FamilyMart is releasing a new pineapple flavored Frappe inspired by the game called Pikachu’s Pine Frappe as well as giving away complimentary gifts for purchasing selected items. You can also download the FamilyMart app on your phone to save up stamp points for a chance to win novelty items or a ticket to the in-person “Pokémon GO” event “Pokémon GO Fest 2022 Sapporo”.

The new Pikachu Pine Frappe is the first pineapple flavor featured in FamilyMart's popular Frappe lineup. The drink is refreshing sweet and sour blended drink actually contains delicious chunks of golden pineapple. There are three different designs of Pikachu for the cups. The illustrations are original and made specially for the collaboration drink. You can try and collect all three to enjoy different designs of adorable Pikachu!

Additional goods include coasters and notepads. The Pikachu Pine Frappe is available at FamilyMarts throughout Japan for 297 yen for a limited time.

By - Mugi.