On November 15th, some Japanese families celebrate the festival day and rite of passage of Shichi-Go-San (七五三, literally "seven-five-three"). The day is observed as a way to congratulate and pray for the well-being and growth of young children, specifically marked for three and five-year-old boys and three and seven-year-old girls, as the holiday's name indicates.

Typically to celebrate the day, young girls wear their finest kimono and boys their hakama (sometimes for the first time in their life) and commemorate the festival with a professional photoshoot and visit to a shrine or temple.

For Japanese mother Coruko (@coru_sketch), who was scheduling an advance photoshoot of her 6-year-old daughter, things were a bit different this year. When Coruko asked her young daughter what sort of kimono she wanted to wear in the photo shoot, the daughter replied "I don't want some so-called 'girly' kimono with cute colors and patterns!!"

Although not what Coruko had planned in mind, she took her daughter's wishes to heart, preparing an amazingly cool kimono, hairstyling, and sword (not the kind that can hurt anyone!) for a photoshoot that has been blowing people on Twitter:

Source: @coru_sketch

Source: @coru_sketch

"As a parent, of course part of me wanted to see her in a long-sleeve furisode kimono, but respecting her will, I was like, 'Alright then! If that's what you want I'll make you look really cool!' and although I'm an amateur, worked hard on everything from setting her hair to dressing her and finished the advance photo shoot safely. She's shining...congratulations."

While having probably expected to be dealing with a more traditional setup, Coruko honored her daughter's wishes to buck what she might think of as a brightly colored "girly" kimono with long sleeves and instead opted for a darker, more austere aesthetic knowing her daughter's tastes.

The masterfully done photoshoot was widely praised online, with many likening the daughter's look to a graceful warrior. What really touched many, however, was how she expressed wanting to dress how she wanted to for the shoot, as well as her parents agreeing and going the extra mile to organize everything for her wish to come true. Many left their impressed replies on the post:

"She looks so cool...it's definitely better looking on her than a "cute" furisode, because she is so excited about her own feelings."

"When I was little, I hated being made to wear dresses without question. I wish I could be a parent who can respect my child's will, just like you!"

"Both the parents who can respect her wishes and the daughter who can honestly say "I like it" are both wonderful."

By - grape Japan editorial staff.