Monster Hunter fans in Japan have been treated to all kinds of cool merchandise and events in the past. This includes cafes, projection mapping installations and even Monster Hunter work ties.

Now one of the treats from the game has been recreated as a handy item, which would make a perfect addition to any fan's home.

In the game, a player can collect meat which can be used for various purposes such as boosting your own stamina or setting traps. Two types of these meat items can now be bought in real life as awesome multi-purpose cushions.

You can choose from ‘Burnt Meat’.

Or ‘Raw Meat’.

They’re 89 centimetres long, so these are some pretty sizeable hunks of meat.

They can be cuddled, or used for decoration around the house.

They are perfectly shaped for leaning on.

Or you can simply marvel at this rare and special item you've managed to find.

Monster Hunter meat enthusiasts can find these cushions on the Capcom online store, or buy one through Okita Store or 7 Net.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.