Since the original Tamagotchis were released 25 years ago, they’ve levelled up considerably from the simple virtual pixel pet game we once knew.

For one thing, in Japan you can now even get Tamagotchi featuring various characters from famous franchises. This includes Pokemon, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and most recently, hit anime Demon Slayer.

Now another iconic anime has joined this lineup. Bandai have announced that One Piece themed Tamagotchis are on the cards. This crossover will manifest in two different ways, and first up is the Chopper-tchi, a Chopper Tamogotchi. Bandai are holding a poll to determine which of these five designs will be used for the final product. The top two voted for by fans will be manufactured.

In this version, you can raise your own Chopper, and the game has a retro pixellated look just like the original Tamagotchis.

Or you can go for the more modern Tamagotchi Smart, which is in full colour and has more detailed graphics. With this option you can dress up the characters of the Tamagotchi world in costumes from One Piece and raise your own crew of Straw Hat Pirates.

The Tamagotchi Smart set, which includes the Tamagotchi Smart, the 'One Piece Friends' add on, and a One Piece black strap, will set you back 9020 yen. Alternatively, if you already own a Tamagotchi Smart, you can get just the One Piece add on for 1496 yen. These are set to go on sale from 23rd November this year. But you'll have to wait a bit longer for the Chopper-tchi, which won't go on sale until February next year, and is set to cost around 2750 yen.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.