Japanese fruit is famous for its quality, and this one is big, red, shiny and heart-shaped and delicious. Would you buy one of these cherries?

The Sankei Shimbun, JAPAN Forward

Cherry brand Juno Heart had its first auction of the season at the central wholesale market in Hachinohe, Aomori Prefecture, on June 25. Known for its big, sweet heart-shaped fruit, the top brand of “Aomori Heartbeat” fetched a record ¥600,000 JPY ($4,440 USD) for a box of 15 cherries.

People wowed and applauded when the bidding reached the top price of ¥600,000 JPY for one box. So how much does each cherry cost? A single cherry from the box is worth ¥40,000 JPY ($295 USD), outpacing the previous record price reached in 2021. Who would pay that price? Nagatsuka Seika, a wholesale fruit and vegetable distributor in Chiba City, won the bid for the third consecutive year.


By - grape Japan editorial staff.