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Summertime present to guinea pigs at Japanese zoo will warm your heart and keep you feeling cool

The dog days of summer have come to Japan, with a combination of heat and humidity currently rolling through the country. While it's tough enough for most people, just imagine how more sweltering it must feel for our furry friends.

The staff at the Inokashira Park Zoo are definitely well aware of that, and have a special way of keeping their adorable batch of guinea pigs cool on particularly hot days. With this year's summer heat rolling in early, the zoo delighted the guinea pigs by giving them their cooling "present" a little early as well. They shared a video of presenting them with the gift that has now taken off on Twitter warming hearts--although cooling down the critters.

In the video, a bundle of guinea pigs are presented with a large plastic bottled filled with ice! They immediately take to it, huddling around it to keep chill in the hot weather. The video quickly went viral, with many saying they felt relieved to see the guinea pigs happily keep comfortable and cool during such a harsh summer. Others even said that when they visited the zoo in the past, they saw multiple ice bottles in guinea pig enclosures--meaning these piggies are looked after quite well.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.