Takeshi Takeshima has somewhat of a tough appearance, but just like the ex-yakuza Tatsu from The Way of the Househusband whom he emulates, he really knows his way around a kitchen. On his YouTube channel 『武島たけしの極み飯 / Kiwami-Meshi』(takeshima takeshi no kiwami meshi | Takeshi Takeshima's ultimate cuisine), he introduces recipes that have appeared in manga and books, as well as food that "men like to eat."

In one of his more popular videos with over 2.2 million views at the time of writing, he puts a Japanese spin on a popular Korean dish, 부대찌개 Budae-jjigae*, using one of Korea's most famous instant noodle products, Nongshim's Shin Original Ramyun, found not only in Korea but in food markets around the world.

* Literally "army base stew," Budae-jjigae was created at the end of the Korean War and was originally made with surplus food from U.S. military bases. It includes things like Spam, sausage, and baked beans but also kimchi, instant noodles, and gochujang.

Although similar ingredients may be added to Budae-jjigae in Korea as well, Takeshima includes two local Japanese ingredients to put his own spin on the dish: natto fermented beans* and Japanese rice wine.

* In Korea, fermented soybeans, known as 청국장 Cheonggukjang, are also used in stews such as Cheonggukjang-jjigae, but it's not exactly the same thing as Japanese natto.

Let's see how he makes it. (You can turn on translations for the subtitles if you don't understand Japanese):

Takeshima's videos, which he narrates in a no-nonsense Osaka dialect, are not only full of dishes sure to make you drool but also all kinds of tips that will grab your attention!

In this video, you'll see some examples, such as how to peel garlic quickly and how to easily remove the film from a package of natto.

During the actual eating scenes, Takeshima sometimes briefly breaks character when he's enraptured by the tasty dishes he made, an amusing touch that endears him to his viewers.

Monja-chan, the dog staring at him from behind, is also very cute.

The recipe is quite large for one person, as you'll notice in the video. Why not share it with family or friends when you make it? You can also adjust the ingredients to suit your tastes.

His tasty recipe elicited numerous comments from viewers such as:

  • "Aniki, I really appreciate your videos, both the recipes and the preliminary knowledge."
  • "I love that you're so aware of the manga The Way of the Househusband. I have never seen a cooking video that got me so hooked."
  • "I regret watching them at night because they make me drool lol"

In another video, Takeshima introduces a recipe for omurice that's so good that, in his words, "you'll never go back to making it any other way."

This omurice is so fluffy and delicious. You'll definitely want to try it:

Mix the eggs thoroughly, and have a wet cloth by your side when you prepare it. If you're confused, you'll understand once you watch the video.

Since he explains it all in detail, you'll learn how to make it without fail. Why not give it a try?

You'll find many other entertaining and useful recipes on his YouTube Channel, so if you like what you see, subscribe and like his videos!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.