For a bus or truck driver, lunchtime or late night meal breaks on a busy schedule or long haul often mean chowing down from your front seat before heading back to the road. That can often mean cramped eating with fast food items that take up minimal space.

There's apparently a perfect solution for drivers in Japan, however. Twitter user Kotake (@kotake5211) recently brought delight to many online when they discovered that some steering wheels of Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation bus and trucks are a perfect match for popular Japanese chain Sukiya.

Sukiya is one of Japan's leading gyudon, or beef bowl chains. Kotake ordered a full set meal from Sukiya that fit perfectly into the spaces in their bus's steering wheel!

Source: @kotake5211

"It seems the steering wheel of a Fuso was made specifically for Sukiya takeout."

Slotting nicely into the wide center space at the bottom the steering wheel is a cheesy beef bowl, while salad and miso soup plop right into the side spaces. It's almost like having a steering wheel personalized for your beef bowl set.

The photos shared by Kotake are of a Mitsubishi Fuso Aero Ace, which is often used in Japan as a sightseeing or travel bus, were met with a lot of surprised and pleased comments (some likely from bus and truck drivers themselves) such as "this is a tremendous lifehack!" and "this is way too convenient."

It appears that Kotake has stumbled upon a great use of the wheels of Mitsubishi Fuso truck and buses, as they early showed how a 7-Eleven salad container pairs with it just as well.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.