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Steam Bread Tokyo’s cheese omelette sandwich is an ooey-gooey fluffy delight

If you're into Japan and follow food trends, you've probably heard how amazing Japanese egg sandwiches can be. We've already introduced several excellent examples, from convenience store varieties like FamilyMart and 7-Eleven, to omelet-style artisanal egg sandwiches famous in Japanese showbiz as backstage snacks.

However, we've only begun to crack the surface. Egg sandwiches are truly having their golden day in the sun, with new expressions of the egg and bread combo appearing all the time.

Steam Bread Tokyo's Cheese Omelette Sandwich

One type of egg sandwich getting a lot of media attention lately is Steam Bread Tokyo's Cheese Egg Omelette* sandwich.

* They've chosen the British spelling "omelette," not the American spelling "omelet" which we use elsewhere in the article.

Steam Bread Tokyo, which originally opened as Steam Bread Ebisu in the trendy Ebisu neighborhood of Tokyo in March 2021 before rebranding in October of the same year, quickly made a reputation for itself with its amazingly sweet and fluffy steamed bread made with Japanese wheat, Hokkaido milk, condensed milk, cream cheese, and honey, as well as its sandwiches using their bread.

Their Cheese Egg Omelette Sandwich, one of their regular menu items, has been featured several times on Japanese television. Naturally, we were curious to see what the fuss was all about, so we bought a few and took them home.

Buying a Steam Bread Tokyo Cheese Egg Omelette sandwich, however, isn't as simple as stopping by their store. You need to make a reservation online, pay in advance, specify what time you'll come over, and then you can go and pick them up.

We also bought a loaf of their famous steam bread. They put everything in a paper bag with their logo on it. We were surprised to find that the sandwiches were in paper containers that look like the ones for burgers at fast-food chains...

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Opening up the containers revealed the sandwich with a sheet of wax paper protecting it. We could already tell that they weren't cut in triangles like convenience store sandwiches but down the middle. We could already detect a faint aroma of egg and sweet bread.

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Peeling away the paper, we were finally face-to-face with the Cheese Omelette Sandwich.

Wow! It was hard to resist drooling on the spot. Although the lack of steam gave away the fact that these sandwiches weren't hot, their ooey-gooey cheesy appearance makes it look just as if they'd been just cooked, sprinkled with parsley, and served up moments earlier...

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Their Cheese Omelette Sandwiches are made in two layers, and combine a more cooked omelette and a more runny, gooey omelette filling.

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Time to take a bite...

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Lightly savoury, fluffy, runny, cheesy, with the soft and sweet steam bread providing a wonderful balance, this sandwich really satisfies. The combination of textures and flavors made it irresistible, and we had no trouble finishing them. You can tell that they use quality eggs. To be honest, this is the first time we thought runny eggs were delicious at room temperature.

If you must, you can heat them up in your toaster oven and they'll still be great!

Their famous steam bread is definitely worth buying, too.

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Just look how fluffy it is.

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This bread was wonderful just by itself, but it'd also amazing toasted with butter and jam, or you can try some of Steam Bread Tokyo's own original spreads like maple butter and truffle butter at their online store.

The Cheese Omelette Sandwich at Steam Bread Tokyo costs 700 JPY for two pieces and is available for prepaid reservation through their online store here.

You can pick them up at their locations in Ebisu or Urawa. For more details, see their website.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.