Ever since humans domesticated dogs, they’ve been a helpful addition to our lives, with some dogs even carrying out full-on jobs. There’s sheepdogs, therapy dogs, search and rescue dogs, the list goes on.

This French Bulldog caught attention online recently in Japan for his farming skills, helping out his owner’s grandma while she picks vegetables. The dog’s name is Bunta, and that day his owner had decided to bring him to her grandma’s house to hang out.

The popular TikTok video shows how he picks up her forgotten items for her and diligently brings them over!

Beforehand, he stands behind her watching closely how she harvests the vegetables on her plot, and he must have been taking it all in, considering how quickly he seems to catch on.

Everyone bursts into laughter when they realise Bunta has picked up the vegetable leaves that grandma left behind.

Bunta must be a natural farming dog since he worked out for himself what to do so quickly. It just goes to show that it’s not just humans, but animals too, that can have innate talents!

If you want to see more of Bunta the French Bulldog, check out his owner’s TikTok profile!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.