Somehow, some way, seals have the fascinating ability to make themselves appear impossibly round sometimes, expanding and shriveling like an adorable balloon. That's probably one reason they've inspired such popular plushies and too cute to eat sweets.

Japanese photographer Yutaka Kagaya (@KAGAYA_11949) recently took a break from their usual gorgeous nighttime sky shots to remind us all of that while in Hokkaido. The result is a video that has trapped thousands on Twitter in an heart-melting trance.

The big seal is perfectly balancing itself, perched on a stone that appears to be far too small to consider lying down on. Still, the seal hasn't a care in the world, even flashing a cheeky look of total comfort at the camera.

Many on Twitter found themselves watching the video in a spellbound loop, admiring the seal's balancing ability and relaxed grin and and leaving impressed comments:

"What a sense of balance! It must come naturally to seals."

"I think it's cute that he specifically chose a small rock to sleep on! Maybe they aren't aware of their own size."

"That looks so painful...but so comfortable!"

By - grape Japan editorial staff.