Papabubble, the "world's most interesting candy store," will start selling two new varieties of its popular ice cube candies on July 15th, 2022.

These new varieties are not only cute with their frosted ice cube look blending color and clear gummy parts, but also tasty! They feature refreshingly sweet and sour fruit flavors great for summer, with a hint of champagne flavor.

They're recommended as gifts during the hot summer months or as sweet rewards to delight your eyes and palette.

The champagne-flavored* ice cube candies with fruit-flavored soft gummies are available in two varieties: basic and premium.

* No alcohol included

The basic version is an ice cube candy that looks like ice with a frosted surface. The candies are made with a type of sugar that has a refreshing aftertaste and dusted with a powder that has a cooling effect. Inside the candy, you'll find soft gummies with a blend of cool and tart flavors such as lemon, acerola, passion fruit, and mint. Store them in the freezer for an even cooler, refreshing taste.

氷キャンディ (kōri kyandi | ice cube candy). Price: 650 JPY (incl. tax)

In addition to the basic version, a limited lot of 100 premium ice cube candies are available.

Each piece of candy is carefully heated to remove air bubbles, creating a candy with a crystalline feel only possible through handmade candy crafting. The special clear case contains 6 pieces with soft gummies inside and 3 pieces without gummies. Each piece is an original work of art and makes a perfect gift.

氷キャンディ(プレミアム) (kōri kyandi puremiamu | ice cube candy [premium]). Price: 1,460 JPY (incl. tax)

In addition to these ice cube candies, Papabubble also sells other candies perfect for summer such as tart gummies and candies with flavors such as summery watermelon and tomato. They're a great pick-me-up when the summer heat is making you tired.

Look for these candies at the Papabubble Online Shop or at any one of Papabubble's brick-and-mortar stores in Japan from July 15th (date may differ online). Contact stores directly for stock status.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.